Welcome to Door'ian Gray - Designers and manufacturers of custom designed artistic doors from the renaissance to the modern style.

Door'ian Gray specializes in interior and exterior doors for residential and commercial projects. Each door specifically designed for the individual project.



When is a door more than a door? When it's a work of art. Door'ian Gray, named for the Oscar Wilde story, is a family run business made up of five artistic siblings from Ireland. They design and manufacture new doors and refurbish old ones from their Toronto base.

Custom-made doors can be glass, stainless steel, painted, wood or leather. Owner and artist Helen Gillard says they have done many doors for residential and commercial spaces, both interior and exterior.

For the cost of a new door, starting around $800, you can completely change the look of your space. See their web site www.dooriangray.com or call 416-966-2321.

Installation instructions:
All parts are seen in position in this horizontal section drawing. Note that the hinge pin protrudes about 1/8" beyond the door; there are both left-hand and right-hand hinges for doors that open from either the left or the right. Doorstops fit snugly against the closed door (they are installed with the door in the closed position). The casing is set back slightly from the edge of the jamb to allow removal of the hinge pin. The leading edge of the door is bevelled to give the door clearance to swing without leaving a visible gap between the closed door and the jamb on the outside.
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